Agar - CuZn - Sconce Other Matter + Studio Flek Light Element: Alumnium, Brass  
Disk:  Algae-based bioplastic  made with gracilaria and  gelidum macroalgae, plant derive glycerine, organic  pigment, gelatine, algal  carotenoids extracted from  dunaliela salina microalgae

The agar light draws inspiration  from seaweed columns. The two  material types telling two very  different stories in their production.  The brass is machined, rolled and  extruded from man made machines  of the industrial revolution. The agar  disks, its ingredients extracted from  organic sources, combined in set  parts, poured into their moulds to  define a rough shape and allowed  to dry naturally to create their  warped and wavy shape.  This contrast speaks to the two  varied approaches to fabrication.  One controlled and machined, the  other free form and organic. The  pendant exposing conflictionary  process, drawing attention to two  very different approaches to the  production and manufacture of  consumer products.