Agar Sconce


In contrast between man made and organically formed

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Making lighting from organic matter in contract with typical industrial age fabrication, working in collaboration with Melbourne Designer ~ Jessie French ~

The Bio Plastic Agar sconce draws inspiration from the enchanting world of underwater flora. It pays homage to the mesmerising shapes and forms found in aquatic plants and organisms. However, the sconce's design not only reflects the beauty of nature but also embodies the stark contrast between the production processes of its two constituent materials. The first material, brass, undergoes a series of machinations, transforming it from raw material into a refined component. Machining, rolling, and extrusion techniques are employed, guided by the precision of man-made machines that emerged during the industrial revolution. This controlled and structured approach to fabrication represents the influence of human ingenuity and the capabilities of modern manufacturing. In stark contrast, the agar disks used in the sconce's construction tell a different story. Derived from organic sources, the ingredients are carefully combined in specific proportions. The mixture is then poured into molds, defining a rough shape, and left to dry naturally. As the agar dries, it takes on a distinct warped and wavy form, evoking an organic and free-flowing aesthetic. The natural drying process highlights the unpredictability and uniqueness of each agar disk, embracing the irregularities found in nature. The juxtaposition of these two materials in the pendant emphasises the divergent approaches to production and manufacturing. On one hand, the brass represents the controlled, precise, and mechanized methods of mass production. On the other hand, the agar disks embody the organic, individualistic, and less predictable aspects of handmade and organic craftsmanship. The pendant's design intentionally exposes this conflict, inviting viewers to contemplate the varying philosophies and techniques that shape consumer products. In essence, the Bio Plastic Agar sconce not only showcases the beauty of underwater flora but also serves as a visual narrative, drawing attention to the contrasting approaches in the production of its constituent materials. It prompts contemplation on the choices we make as consumers and encourages a deeper appreciation for the diverse methodologies employed in the creation of everyday objects.
Agar Sconce
Varying size between 120mm and 180mm in Diameter
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Agar Sconce