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Beer waste to bar stools...

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How can we positively introduce waste back into the environment that creates it, generating a more cyclical approach to material & furniture making?

The series of low bar stools emerged as a remarkable endeavour, crafted from an unconventional blend of beer waste by-products and mycelium—the intricate root structure of mushrooms. Initially showcased at a solo show for Melbourne Design Week in 2020, this innovative project captivated audiences with its sustainable and forward-thinking approach. In the quest for sustainable solutions, we partnered with a local brewery to gain insights into the beer production process. Through this collaboration, we discovered various discarded by-products, including damaged aluminium cans, spent grain mash, spent hops, and the bags that once held the hops. Among these waste materials, the spent hops presented a particularly challenging waste stream to manage effectively. Determined to find a solution, we embarked on an extensive research journey, almost a year to exploring the possibilities hidden within the muddy green slop. Our initial experiments revolved around casting the substance in bio-resin or bone glue, both of which yielded successful results. However, these approaches failed to fully leverage the organic nature of the hops by-product. This realisation sparked further curiosity and propelled our research into the fascinating world of fungi. It was within this space we discovered two groundbreaking experiments that combined hops and fungi in novel ways. Driven by the fundamental question of how waste could be reintroduced into the environment that spawned it, the project instigated a transformative shift toward a more cyclical and regenerative approach to materials and furniture creation. By repurposing beer waste and harnessing the natural capabilities of mycelium, we seek to create a symbiotic relationship between the production and disposal of materials. The series of low bar stools, born from this exploration, became a testament to the power of ingenuity and sustainability. Each stool embodied a harmonious fusion of discarded beer waste and the transformative potential of mycelium. The project not only offered a creative solution to repurpose waste materials but also served as an inspiration to embrace circularity in design and rethink our relationship with the environment. Through this experimental endeavor, the creators of the stools demonstrated that even waste can find purpose and value in the creation of functional and aesthetically pleasing objects. This work invites the viewer to reconsider the potential of overlooked resources, urging us to adopt a more mindful and regenerative approach to material usage and design.
Beer Stool
Varying Sizes of Stools from 300mm to 350mm in diameter and 450mm high
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Beer Stool