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Cyclical designs made from marble sourced in skip bins of stone masons, add a light element and restack and structure the form into stripped side lights

Scouring workshops and industrial areas for another source of useful waste, Studio Flek happened upon a local stone masons' skip bins, filled to the brim. Intrigued, they engaged in a friendly chat with the boss stone mason, eager to uncover the story behind these discarded remnants. They discovered that loads of irregularly shaped offcuts of broken stone and marble were routinely sent off to the dump, disregarded and forgotten. They inquired if it would be possible to salvage some of the waste, and to their delight, the stone mason obliged. It was as if they had stumbled upon a hidden gem, and with the stone mason's generosity, they acquired a bountiful collection of these discarded treasures. As they stacked and arranged the pieces into their van, a stunning striping pattern emerged, almost as if the stones were telling a story. It would be this that would shape the entire series of works to come. Inspired by the intricate stacking nature of these offcuts, Studio Flek set out to create a product that would capture the essence of their discovery. The result? A series of works Titled “Odds & Ends” showcases the inherent beauty of discarded stone and marble. From the humble beginnings of rummaging through skip bins to the creation of these elegant pieces, this series of works is a brief journey into the transformative power of creativity and resourcefulness.
Odds & Ends
Size: Ø100 x 235 - 325mm
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Odds & Ends